The Electrics


As most of the electrical components were shot, I decided to replace most of them, including all the wiring (see Wiring Loom). I therefore replace the following components:

1. Alternator (60 amp)
2. Starter Motor (Hi-Torque)
3. Wiper Motor (Lucas)
4. Front Headlamps (complete assembly with Halogen bulbs and modified to take DRLs in pilot light position)
5. All rear lights (reversing, stop/tail, indicator and additional stop lights as in USA)
6. Fusebox (new modular with blade fuses, relays, etc.)
7. Indicator and Hazard Units (Electronic)
8. Voltage Regulator (Electronic)
9. I intend to replace all bulbs with LEDs
10. All terminals

Many regard replacing the electrical system with a modern one is degrading the originality of the car. I take the view that to do this is the same as rewiring an old house, primarily making it safe while maintaining its appearance. One wouldn't rewire a house using old type fuses, wires and switches!

To see the tools I have used click here.