Latest Restoration: The Start



Some time in 2012, when I worked for TI Automotive in Deeside, General Manager James Mead (also a classic car enthusiast) suggested to me that I should get my Triumph GT6 back on the road, rather than just talk about it! The car had laid in the garage since July 2002 (it failed it's MoT in July 2000). It was always intended to be a retirement project, some time far into the future, but James was right, why not start now! I initially intended to just do the minimum to pass the MoT, and just be able to drive it. However I soon realised that if I did that it still wouldn't be worth much, and with the current state of the bodywork and interior I would be ashamed to be seen in it next to other GT6s. This restoration has become a journey, as I strove to not only get it back on the road, but make it one of the best Mk2s out there, a true 'nut & bolt' restoration! All nuts and bolts were replaced with new: High Speed Steel where stressed, Stainless Steel otherwise. A body-off restoration was not attempted because:

1. I did not have room for the body & the separate chassis inside or outside my garage.
2. I was able to get at most of the chassis from underneath the car for cleaning and painting with black Epoxy Mastic 121®. There was no sign of any chassis corrosion (except surface).
3. Removing the body would have compromised it's rigidity and possibly caused distortion of the structure.

The restoration was done in distinct stages, as below:
1. Strip the car interior and lights.
2. Remove all rear mechanical components up to front bulkhead, and transmission.
3. Clean up chassis up to the front bulkhead, paint with black Epoxy Mastic 121®.
4. Mike Papworth to rebuild rear driveshafts, and build heavy duty overdrive gearbox.
5. Refit the rear mechanical components and transmission. Fit new rear wheels/tyres and move the car under its own power.
6. Strip all front suspension, steering, brakes and hubs, including turrets/towers.
7. Clean up and paint front of chassis with black Epoxy Mastic 121®.
8. Rebuild and refit the front suspension, steering and hubs, fit new wheels/tyres and drive car to check.

9. Welding, bodywork and respray by Southside Classic & Custom.

10. Refit fuel tank & pipes; refit brakes & brake lines, test.
11. Paint interior and under bonnet. Fit soundproofing.
12. Refit electrics, test.
13. Refit interior.
14. MoT.
15. Enjoy!!

Below are some pictures of the car before the restoration, when I had cleared the car of all its debris!



Below the brake/clutch master cylinders.