Restoring the GT6 - the front suspension


The front suspension is connected to a turret or 'tower' which is itself bolted to the front of the chassis (see Restoration - Chassis). My turrets were very rusty so I bought a couple from ebay in much better shape, although they still needed a good sand and a coat of paint. The main components of the front suspension are the upper and lower wishbones, the spring/shock absorber assembly, the front hub and the anti-roll bar.

These are no longer available new, but plenty of Triumph suppliers will sell you a refurbished one. I actually bought some refurbished upper wishbones as I damaged one of mine with an angle grinder removing the rusted in bolt. If I hadn't done this they are quite easy to renovate, just sand and paint or sandblast and powder coat. New bolts, washers and nuts can be seen above. I replaced all the rubber bushes with Polyurethane, Superflex or Polybush are equally good. They are firmer than rubber and will make the suspension more efficient and responsive to the driver.  Both Superflex and Polybush are British made. Hardnesses can vary, but usually if you specify the location they will supply the best 'shore A' hardness for that location.

The spring and its fittings were as can be seen on the left of the picture below, so I chose the replacement route. The spring and shock absorber were probably tired in any case, and replacements are readily available. In the centre is the spring compressor I used (this type is the best) and the new fittings can be seen on the right.

The front hub is attached to the famous 'Alford & Alder Upright' or Vertical Link.