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This is turning my shell back to a finished car, i.e. lights, bumpers, interior, brakes, fuel system, interior, etc. I often come up with unexpected problems, and have to find solutions in order to go forward! I don't always find time to work on this, hence the gaps between dates!!

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Wednesday 9th January, 2019

The 123 Ignition TUNE+ electronic distributor arrived from SC Parts Group. I ordered this as a replacement to the existing Delco which, according to Martin Jay of Distributor Doctor is "poor quality, Lucas units were much superior". This dutch made 123, which is configurable by an App in my iPhone, doubles up as a security device as a simple click in the App can immobilise it! First impressions are that it is extremely well made and finished.

Monday 28th January, 2019

Now I've bought a new distributor, I've decided to upgrade the rest of the ignition system i.e. spark plugs, coil and HT leads (see below). To find our more see my Ignition (Latest Restoration 2) page or click here.


Thursday 31st January 2019

As I had some new tyres fitted to our Honda Civic at Hoole Tyre & Exhausts, I took the opportunity to take the spare wheel from the GT6 to have the old Michelin X tyre removed, so I can refurbish the wheel prior to getting a new tyre fitted.

Today I also received the new stainless steel coil bracket from Mini-Spares.

Friday 1st February 2019

Just received the Bosch "Blue" coil (from the Green Spark Plug Co.) and the HT leads (from Mr-Retro-Leads-Plugs).

The top and bottom of the coil are shown as apparantly there are a lot of "bogus" blue coils out there according to Richard Atwell ( He says that the only Bosch Blue coil worth purchasing is the one made in Brazil. It can be identified by 4 tests: :-

1. It has a part number stamped into the bottom.
2. It comes with 3-way male terminals on both posts.
3. If you shake it you won't hear any oil sloshing inside.
4. It has the higher 3-4 Ohm primary resistance.

According to Accuspark "If the coil does not have standard or ballast written on the front you will need to test with a multimeter. Set meter to ohms, test between + and -. A standard coil will read around 3 ohms, a ballast coil will read around 1.5 ohms". I tested the new coil with a multimeter, and it read 2.9 ohms which means that is a standard coil (as recommended by 123 Ignition). This is the primary resistance (2nd picture below). The 3rd picture shows the secondary resistance (between the central output for the distributor and the +ve terminal).


Below are the new HT leads.

Tuesday 12th February 2019

First outing this year (due to the mild weather). Tackled the headlamp again, but switched to the LH/NS. After some fettling, finally got it together. The adjusters had to be screwed right in before the chrome rim would fit, and even then it could do with being a bit closer to the bonnet at the bottom, perhaps adjustment to the clip will be necessary.