Triumph GT6 Colours


The colours available when the GT6 was new were as follows:

Triumph GT6 Colours
GT6 Mk1 GT6 Mk2 GT6 Mk3 Colour Code(s)
Jasmine Yellow Jasmine Yellow   34
Signal Red Signal Red - 32
Royal Blue Royal Blue - 56
Conifer Green Conifer Green - 25
Triumph White Triumph White Triumph White 19
Damson Red Damson Red Damson Red 17
Wedgewood Blue Wedgewood Blue Wedgewood Blue 26
Valencia Blue Valencia Blue Valencia Blue 66
Laurel Green Laurel Green Laurel Green 55
Sienna Brown Sienna Brown Sienna Brown 23
    Mimosa Yellow 64
    Saffron Yellow 54
    Pimento Red 72
    Carmine Red 82
    Magenta Red 92
    French Blue 126
    Sapphire Blue 96
    Emerald Green 65
    Mallard Green 22

The colours shown are approximate.