Engine Modifications


The Triumph 6 cylinder engine can be modified in a variety of ways to increase its power. There are a  lot of opinions as how best to achieve this, depending on who is giving the advice! Basically to increase power in any internal combustion engine it is necessary to modify it to accept more air and fuel, and this is done by both increasing the airflow into the engine (via the carburettor or other device), and out of the engine (via the exhaust). Of course doing all this may make the engine more powerful, but it is important to make sure that this power is delivered reliably so any serious modifications need the engine to be strengthened so it doesn't break! 

 The 'Guru' of Triumph engine modification is Kas Kastner, who single-handedly launched Triumphs’ very successful Competition Department and literally wrote the book on tuning Triumphs for higher performance, the 'Triumph Preparation Handbook' (see below). His website is on my links-other page.

His advice is quite detailed and follows a lot of actual experience on the track and he was very successful so his opinions should be respected.