GT6 parts supplier links : My top 20


Click the link image to open in a new tab. These are in descending order of spending i.e. the largest part of my budget went to the one at the top!

1. Southside Classic & Custom, Ledsham, Wirral. They really worked wonders with my GT6 bodywork, paying particular attention to panel gaps.
2. James Paddock, suppliers of Triumph & GT6 parts. Post free for orders over £10. Good counter in Chester (not open week-end). Good stock & helpful staff.
3. Mike Papworth. Probably the best Triumph gearbox/transmission builder.
Rimmer Bros
4. Rimmer Bros., supplier of GT6 and other classic car parts. Postage expensive, but good quality parts & good service. Counter in Lincoln (open Saturday morning). Best to buy during their frequent 'Sales'.
5. Canley Classics, supplier of Triumph & GT6 parts, many uniquely to them. Mail order only.
6. EBay - very useful, especially for parts unavailable elsewhere.
7. Jigsaw Racing Services, International Triumph Specialists. Spares, Repairs, Restorations, Performance, Race & Rally Preparation. Mark Field good on advice.
8. Classic Sports Car Trim.
9. Quickfit Safety Belt Service. They make period style seatbelts for classic cars (pre 1972).
10. 'Sponmon'. Ian Gittins makes superb special tools and refurbishes inlet manifolds to a very high standard. Currently unavailable.
11. Vehicle Wiring Products. Good product range and very helpful staff.
12. Grove Components, supplier of fasteners, particularly stainless steel. Low postage and practically no minimum quantities.
13. Hoole Tyre & Exhaust. If you live in Chester this company sells tyres at a good price, and fits them to alloy wheels with care.
14. ANG Classic Car Parts. A good alternative source of parts, some cheaper than the bigger suppliers.
15. Biggred : 'The UK's Leading Brake Caliper Remanufacturer'. Better than those 'new' Chinese copies. Used by Practical Classics and Car SOS.
16. Hamilton Classics - Car Covers and more!
17. Spifire Graveyard (in Sheffield), good for second-hand Triumph & other car parts.
18. 4Sight Automotive (Better Car Lighting) - excellent supplier of LEDs etc.
19. Stainless for Classics. Paul Copeland can even make one-offs, if you can give him a proper drawing.
20. Turner Carburettors. SU & Stromberg kits, & often other Triumph parts.