Standard-Triumph Suppliers


Below is a list of suppliers of the various parts of Triumphs (not all in the GT6) in 1973. Many have gone, unfortunately. I used to work for one (Dunlop in Leicester), luckily I left before they closed. If you know more about what happened to them, please let me know!

  Supplier of Supplier What Happened to them?
GKN, Birmingham Transmission parts GKN, Birmingham Still in business.
Triplex Windscreens Triplex Pilkington retired the brand in 1993.
  Wilmot Breeden, Birmingham Bumpers Wilmot Breeden, Birmingham Absorbed by the American conglomerate Rockwell Int. in 1979.
  Dunlop, Polymer Engineering, Leicester Metalastik bonded rubber components Dunlop, Polymer Engineering, Leicester Taken over by BTR in 1985. Sold off in 1998.
Pirelli Seat Webbing Pirelli Still in business.
AP Lockheed Brakes, Leamington Spa Brake Products AP Lockheed Brakes, Leamington Spa Sold to an Indian multi-national, who supplies brake systems under the name Caparo AP Braking.
Vandervell, Maidenhead Crankshaft Bearings & Thrust Washers Vandervell, Maidenhead Now part of the MAHLE group.
Armstrong Patents, Melton Shock Absorbers Armstrong Patents, Melton Now part of Armstron Lyon Hydraulics.
Formula Plus, Gravesend Steering Wheels Formula Plus, Gravesend No longer in business.
Alford & Alder, Hemel Hempstead Suspensions & Steering Racks Alford & Alder, Hemel Hempstead Acquired by Standard, died with demise of BL.
Intec, Plymouth Thermoplastic Tube & Injection Mouldings Intec, Plymouth No longer in business.
T J Filters, Plymouth Oil Filters T J Filters, Plymouth Brand now belongs to Tetrasyl.
Willenhall Tube, Willenhall Heaters, Radiators, Exhaust Pipes Willenhall Tube, Willenhall Wound up in 2010.
Dunlop Wheel Division, Coventry Wheels Dunlop Wheel Division, Coventry No longer in business.
Coventry Hood & Seating, Bedworth Seats & Interior Trim Coventry Hood & Seating, Bedworth Went out of business in 1991
  Champion Spark Plugs Champion Still in business. Mfg transferred from UK to Italy.
Waso, Sheerness Steering Locks Waso, Sheerness No longer in business.
  Dunlop Chemical Products Division, Birmingham Adhesives Dunlop Chemical Products Division, Birmingham Still in business (building products).
  Kent Plastics, Enniskillen Plastic Components Kent Plastics, Enniskillen Went out of business in 2004.
  Textile Mouldings, Accrington Injection Mouldings Textile Mouldings, Accrington Went out of business in 1981.
Renold, Manchester Timing Chains Renold, Manchester Still in business.
  Hill Precision, Birmingham Zinc Alloy Castings Hill Precision, Birmingham -
  W. Wesson, Wednesbury Steel W. Wesson, Wednesbury -
  Callow & Maddox Bros, Coventry Seats & Trim Panels Gallow & Maddox Bros, Coventry -
Trico Wiper Blades Trico -
  Pressweld, Gloucester Aluminium Grilles Pressweld, Gloucester -
Britax Seat Belts Britax -
Remploy, London Packaging & Assembly Remploy, London -
Hodgson & Hodgson, Burton-on-Trent Sound Insulation Hodgson & Hodgson, Burton-on-Trent -
Girling Brake Products Girling -