The Wiring Loom


According to "the electrical wiring in a car is a system of colour-coded wires called the loom. Where several wires run side by side they are bound together with insulating tape or plastic sleeving". It can also be called a wiring Harness. In the GT6 it is divided into two sections, one serving the front of the car, and one the rear. These are linked under the dash by a connector like this:

The split is roughly as below:

Front Parking lamp Front
Hazard warning Front
Headlamp flasher Front
Heater  Front
Horn Front
Instrument illumination Front
Temperature indication  Front
Turn signal flasher lamp (Front) Front
Windscreen wiper  Front
Heated rear window Rear
Fuel indication  Rear
Plate illumination lamp  Rear
Reverse lamp  Rear
Roof lamp Rear
Stop lamp  Rear
Tail lamp  Rear
Turn signal flasher lamp (Rear) Rear

This loom is protected by only three 35amp fuses as follows:

Top 35amp White (W) wire from ignition/starter switch Heated rear window
Turn signal flasher lamp 
Fuel indication 
Temperature indication 
Stop lamp 
Windscreen wiper 
Reverse lamp 
Centre 35amp Red/Green (RG) cable from master light switch Tail lamp 
Plate illumination lamp 
Front Parking lamp
Instrument illumination
Bottom 35amp Brown (N) cable from battery (via solenoid) Horn
Hazard warning
Headlamp flasher
Roof lamp

The front loom looked like this, when removed (below left) and a new one as supplied by Autosparks is below right.