GT6 Car Values


GT6 values are on the rise.

"Fully rebuilt Triumph GT6s have been commanding some big premiums at auction in recent years and prices upwards of £17k have been possible"*. According to the TSSC in the September 2018 edition of The Courier, the values are as below, with the Mk l worth the most :-

Definitions (from the Valuation Form) are below:

The Octane Magazine Classic Car Price Guide also values the GT6 Mkl/ll as more than the Mklll, see below. It claims that "Values [are] rising steadily".

*The classic car network Nov-2016

N.B. In the March 2020 edition of Classic & Sportscar, E.R. Classics advertised a Damson GT6 Mk2 for €32,950 (approx £28,000)! It was bought by a customer in Sweden (I know because he contacted me).