The books in my collection:-



Author (s) Comments
Triumph GT6/Vitesse 2 Litre Workshop Manual Standard-Triumph Essential!
Standard-Triumph Equally essential (many of the diagrams are used by the main suppliers of parts)
Owners Workshop Manual
J H Haynes &
J L S Maclay
"These authentic manuals are actually written from practical experience" (Car Mechanics)

Triumph Cars - The Complete 75 Year History

Richard Langworth & Graham Robson A comprehensive and very readable book!

Triumph Spitfire & GT6

Graham Robson A good book written by one of the insiders.
Triumph Spitfire & GT6 - A Collector's Guide Graham Robson As above.
Triumph Spitfire & GT6 - A Guide to Originality John Thomason An essential guide to the important details when restoring a GT6
Triumph Spitfire & GT6 - The Complete Story Richard Dredge A different style to Graham Robson, but well written and informative.
The Book of The Standard Motor Company Graham Robson Superb book about the forerunners to the GT6
Everyday Modifications for your Triumph Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse and GT6 Iain Ayre Very informative and extremely well-written book from freelance contributor to Triumph World, Classic Cars et al.
THE WORKS SPITFIRES "A Technical Analysis" Fabrizio Comi A publication that speaks of the Triumph Spitfire seen from the technical and historical viewpoint. A great collection of pictures and testimonials on Comi's racing history on road and track, and a complete technical analysis related to racing by Triumph's "Competition Department" in the years 1964-1965.
R.W. Kas Kastner Manual for the GT6, GT6+ & 2000 written by the former Triumph Competitions Manager. Contains "the accumulated experience of competition engineers on both sides of the Atlantic"
practical CLASSICS Guide to the
Danny Hopkins et al "Collector's Edition" with articles on Driving, Buying and Restoring
54 Competitive years
An Autocar SPECIAL Articles from 'Autocar' including '1966 GT6 Described' (Published 1978).
Classic & Sportscar
TRIUMPH: Celebrating 75 years
A C&SC SPECIAL Includes article 'King of the Swingers' about the first family of starter classics (Published 1998)
The Illustrated History of Triumph Sports and Racing Cars G William Krause Triumph historian G. William Krause reviews every model in the sports car lineup. He covers the history, design evolution, and performance specifications from the first sports cars in the 1930s through the final cars built in 1981. Throughout Triumph's history a number of pivotal moments could have significantly changed the company's fortunes. This book also looks at the "what if" cars that never made it into production, including photos.
A special tribute to half a century
of Triumph cars
A MOTOR Special  "In the following pages we look back at some earlier memorable Triumphs, and at their competition successes: we try a contemporary Triumph and find that it's almost the ideal long-distance touring car; and we look into the future of the company with its managing director, Bill Davis" (May 1973)
  The Classic Car Adventure:
Driving Through History on The Road to Nostalgia 
Lance Cole  This is a superb book which I really enjoyed, helped (a little)  by Lance waxing lyrically about the GT6 and Giovanni Michelotti - see the quotation on my Home page.
  Triumph Spitfire & GT6:
Setting The Small Sportscar Standard  
John Nikas /
Marc Vorgers
More of the same, really. Not worth buying if you already have Robsons and Dredges books. Good bibliography, though. I always fancied John Nikas's book "Rule Britannia – When British Sports Cars Saved A Nation" but wasn't prepared to pay the £85 asking price.