GT6 Articles to read

Title Author Magazine or Website Featured Car Issue/Date
I could have done it better Paul Orme Classic Cars Triumph Spitfire May 1997
GT6 Bliss John Heath Practical Classics GT6 Mk3 April 2017
GT6 Mk1, 2 & 3 Buying Guide Dale Barker/Roy Lacey Triumph World Triumph GT6 June/July 2019
Team GB GTs - British Touring Cars Neil Campbell (GT6) Practical Classics GT6 Mk3 October 2012
GT6 Power Tune - Triumph World Triumph GT6 April/May 1995
GT6 V The Rest - 50th Birthday Test (The Joy of Six) Nigel Clark/Danny Hopkins Practical Classics GT6 Mk1 & 3 May 2016
Basically Triumphant Tim Morgan Classics GT6 Mk2 November 2001
Swinging Sixes - Triumph GT6 Mark Dixon Practical Classics   September 2001
Take A Seat Tony Beadle Triumph World   October/November 2004
Snapshot Tony Beadle Triumph World   October/November 2004
Clone Racer Tony Beadle Triumph World   August/September 2004
Making Better Engineering - Classic & Sportscar   April 2016
Timing The GT6 Nigel Clark Practical Classics   May 2016
From Little Acorns - V6 Spitfire/GT6 Combo Ernie Knight Triumph World   February/March 2016
Advanced Study Project Tony Beadle Triumph World   August/September 2003
Triumph's E-Type - Canley's Super Six James Page Classic & Sportscar   March 2016
Reader's resto - 1969 Triumph GT6 Mkll Ben Wanklyn Practical Classics   August 2010
Mintex Brakes - Motoring Classics   ?
New GT6 Website Andy Cook TSSC Courier GT6 Mk2  
Why Should I Buy One - Classic Motoring   19th October 2015
The Jigsaw Puzzle Dave Bowers Triumph World   December 2015/January 2016
Cars to Keep - Triumph's Mini E-Type Roger Bell Old Motor   June 1979
The Grand Tour Russ Smith Practical Classics   July 2016
Turning Back Time Chris Burke Triumph World   June/July 2016
Swinging Sixes David Vivian Classic & Sportscar   November 1989
Yoyo Hans and the Spit Six Iain Ayre Triumph World   October/November 2016
The ebay Car Challenge - Triumph World   October/November 2016
Top 100 Classics - 12. Triumph GT6 Various Practical Classics   December 2016
Red or DEAD Mike Renaut Practical Classics   September 2016
County Camel Rick Roberts Triumph World   April/May 1997
Get Smart Tony Beadle Triumph World   December/January 1997
Living with a Triumph GT6 Danny Hopkins Practical Classics GT6 Mk3 February 2014
Tempestuous Triumph Dave Lord Car and Bike Classics GT6 Mk3 ?
Forever GT6 - One owner FROM NEW Nigel Clark Practical Classics GT6 Mk3 December 2017
Reader's resto - 1970 Triumph GT6 Neil Campbell Practical Classics GT6 Mk2 January 2013
No Jekyll, Just Hydes Paul Bussey Triumph World GT6 Mk2 April/May 2004
Done Up - Spitfire Mk3 Marvel Mike Key Triumph World Spitfire Mk3 June/July 2004
Triumphant (Reader's Restoration) Zoe Harrison Popular Classics GT6 Mk3 September 1991
Buying Secondhand - Triumph GT6 - Autocar - w/e 21 January 1978
Long Legged Gitfire - Triumph World Spitfire Mk3 October/November 2018
GT6 Restoration GT6 Mk2  
The Alford & Alder Upright - Motor Sport - October 1999
All Belts & No Braces Gordon Bruce Motoring Classics - Winter 2019
Our Classics - Triumph 2500TC Greg MacLeman Classic & Sportscar - December 2019
Motors of Moment: GT6 Mk1 & 2 Rusty Nuts Club Torque - January 2019
Motors of Moment: Promotional Photographs Rusty Nuts Club Torque - January 2019
Motors of Moment: Comparisons Rusty Nuts Club Torque - January 2019
Motor Road Test No. 39/66 - Triumph GT6 - Six appeal   Motor GT6 Mk1  
New for '69 - Mk2 Triumph GT6        
Triumph GT6 - Classic Motoring   27th April, 2015
40 Years On… Graham Robson Triumph World   December 2019/January 2020
A Triumph of Vision and Design Andrew Roberts The Independent   Tuesday 6 March 2012
Hit For Six   Classics Monthly   September 2009
A Guide to Classic Oils - Classic Motoring - 24 June 2011
A Spitfire Worthy of The Name Iain Ayre Triumph World Spitfire Mk4 April/May 2018
MGB versus GT6 - Practical Motorist GT6 Mk2/MGB GT May 1970
Transplant Choice - Silky Six Jeremy Sinek Hot Car??    
Great British Sports Cars - Triumph Spitfire & GT6 Tony Dron Thoroughbred & Classic Cars GT6 Mk2/Spitfire Mk4 April 1996
Three Sixes        
Drawing on Inspiration        
The Evolution of Modern Small Car Engines   Motor Sport   June 1964
The Small Six Philip H Smith Sportscar    
A Bit of Dearing-Do Adam Sloman Classics Monthly GT6 Mk3 March 2012
Walter Belgrove, the man with a magic pencil Giancarlo Cavallini    
Andrew Talbot & his wide bodies GT6 prototype Patrick Faleur Triumph World GT6 August/September 1999
Car SOS - Cookies GT6 is now a TV star! Andy Cook Club Torque GT6 Mk3 May 2018
Triumph GT6: buying guide and review (1966-1973) - Classic & Performance Car   14th April 2016
CLASSIC & SPORTSCAR - TRIUMPH - Celebrating 75 years - Classic & Sportscar   November 1998
Triumph GT6 - The Easy E-Type - Classic Cars4Sale   31st October 2011
Copper Vs Kunifer (Email) Nicki Wanford Automec Equipment & Parts   11th May 2015
Demister Hose Mike Charlton Club Torque   May 2016
I motori della serie SC