So far the only modifications were replacement coil, points and condenser fitted when I first got the engine running back in 2013! I did purchase an Aldon electronic ignition module, but never got around to fitting it, while the engine ran satiisfactorily.  However recently the engine has become a little difficult to start and I wondered if, before I fitted this module, a refurbishment of the distributor would be beneficial. I contacted Martin Jay at the highly regarded Distributor Doctor (www.distributordoctor.com) for a quote on rebuilding the Delco distributor. This had been fitted in place of the original Lucas 25D6 fitted to my 2.5 litre engine, as I needed the tachometer drive. His reply was somewhat surprising, in his words "Sorry no we don't get involved at all with later Delco's. Poor quality, Lucas units were much superior".

This set me thinking on fitting a reconditioned Lucas (my original must have been discarded sometime in the past). According to Martin Jay, the Lucas equivalent to the Delco was the 22D6 (with a tachometer drive) as fitted to the TR5 & 6. Rimmers sell a new one for around £400. Alternatively I could get a 123 Ignition distributor made in Holland (www.123ignition.nl), based on Lucas designs but fitted with an advanced electronic module. This has no tacho drive so would entail getting the tachometer converted to electronic by JDO Instruments (www.jdo1.com). The most advanced of these is the 123/TUNE+ 6-R-V-G (bluetooth). This is expensive, but it also solves another problem I have been thinking about, security! With all the time and money that has gone into this project I would need some kind of anti-theft device, and this 123 has an app which also features a simple switch which immobilises the engine, so a couple of clicks on my mobile phone immobilises the car. As I had 'budgeted' some money towards this, the 123 solution becomes much more viable as it combines ignition with anti-theft!

According to my supplier, SC Parts Group, "The ignition-system in a classic car is often the source of many problems. After years of use, the mechanical distributor becomes worn and increasingly inaccurate. Although replacement of the standard points with an optical eye or magnetic ignition set-up is an improvement, it does not compensate for the wear in the advance-mechanism, the distributor shaft and bearings within the distributor itself. The 123 ignition distributor is different. It comes in its own aluminium billet and nickel plated housing, although externally similar in its classic appearance to its mechanical counterpart, it contains high-tech electronics on the inside. While maintaining classic appearances under the bonnet, the internal technology makes your ignition system and engine perform better than ever before".

Reviews of the 123 are sparse on the net, but I did discover this on the BMW2002FAQ website: "The unit...well its a VERY well made and crafted unit.  Super sturdy and I have no doubt that this will last for YEARS" and "The car idled smoothly and when I stepped on it, I spun the tires and it raced to redline!" and finally "my initial thoughts are the thing is AMAZING.  One of the best upgrades I have done to the 2002".

When I install this into the GT6 I will obviously review it myself!