This website is "well worth a look" - Andy Cook, TSSC GT6 Register Secretary.

"Liked your GT6 site" - Lance Cole, Motoring Writer.

"Your site is top notch" -  Ralf W, Germany (GT6 Mk2 Owner).

"Nice to read your pages on the internet" - Dirk DW, Belgium

"The info on the front suspension was very useful" - Christopher G, USA

Not a testimonial, but featured on page 14 of Club Triumph's 'Club Torque' magazine Volume 55, Number 311 (January 2020).

"A great site that you've created and I am reading it all, piece by piece" - Martin M, from Sweden who has just bought this lovely "1971" Mk2 from ER Classics. It's the same original colour and year as mine!

"I just wanted to let you know that it would be great if you did decide to put all your information into a book" - Rohan R.

"I've been on your site and enjoy it a lot". - Ed Hollingsworth of Bullfire Garage, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

"Just love reading your blogs on the GT6 rebuild, I  have to smile to myself with some of your comments, I've found many similarities with my own car". -  David B.  (GT6 Mk2 owner)

"I have just enjoyed a leisurely half hour peek at your site about your GT6...very interesting and a really useful source of info through your photographs of the more ‘unseen’ parts of our cars" - Greg, UK (owns 2 GT6s, see below)


"Thanks to you for your website. I have a '69 GT6 I am restoring and your site has provided me many tips on my restoration. Your Six looks great." Randy M, Virginia, USA

"Your website has helped me a lot about my 1969 GT6 that I have had since 1980. Sending a photo of a race held in Portugal" Antonio L. (translated from Portuguese).

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